3. Eygalières




  6. FUSION / Galerie Chenel

    I met Adrien Chenel the first time I went to Paris with a Belgian friend for a city trip. A few months later, I was looking for temporary room/flat to taste the city and by luck he saw my announce.

    This meeting/friendship/colocation changed my life. I discovered Paris as nobody and set up/illustrated an exhibition for the Galerie Chenel called FUSION.

    This gallery hide an astonishing soul and a french strong family built on art and love.




  8. I have been inspired a lot by Egyptian art these last few months and I don’t know why. Here is some test artworks for a CD cover I did as an exercise.



  10. Last month, I realized some portraits customizations inspired by Egyptian drawings. The first one, Charlotte Carey, found this photoshoot with her amazing face and it gave me the idea. The second, Kate Moss, on her first shooting, think she was 15.

    Waiting for the third one… Any idea?




  13. Confident Geisha by Claire Laffut


  14. LACLAIRE packaging designed by Claire Laffut and Oblique.


  15. Artwork by Claire Laffut on Kate Moss first pictures